The Faraja Trust in Nairobi was founded by the Swiss Benedictine Missionary Fr. Peter Meienberg. Faraja (Swahili for ‚consolation‘ or ‚encouragement‘) is a charitable Trust which finances several programmes in the fields of humanitarian aid, education and entrepreneurial mentoring.

Who we are and what we do

Our vision

Our vision is to efficiently and effectively use our funds to achieve long-lasting impacts for the people we work with. For this, we subscribe to the principles of compassion, empowerment, sustainability and professionalism.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide various means of support to needy individuals, impoverished families and socially disadvantaged groups. In order to fund these activities, we engage in business investments and fundraising.


Faraja Trust itself does not run any programmes but manages the Trust’s assets, among others two properties in Nairobi. With the revenue generated by these assets as well as with income from donations, Faraja Trust funds the activities of its sister organizations Faraja Foundation and the Latia Resource Center. These two organizations in turn are running the actual programmes on the ground. They are both managed by an experienced and well trained team of local professionals.

The social and humanitarian work of Faraja is implemented by the Faraja Foundation. With these programmes, we are supporting people to (re-)build a sustainable livelihood. The services are offered to needy and socially disadvantaged individuals and families. Apart from humanitarian aid, psychosocial support, training and entrepreneurial mentoring, the work of Faraja Foundation also includes a special programme for prisons. Initiated by our founder, who serves as a Chaplain in several prisons of Nairobi, we are running a comprehensive programme to drive improvements in the Kenyan penal system and in the rehabilitation and reintegration of offenders. Read more...

With the agricultural training institute Latia Resource Center, we have established a role model for training in agribusiness and agripreneurship. The Latia Resource Center is a social business entity offering practical and entrepreneurial training courses for youth in horticulture and livestock enterprises. It also provides support and services to many small and medium sized farmers. A special focus is put on environmentally friendly technologies as well as on value addition and processing of agricultural products. To promote this, Latia offers short courses and consultancy services. Also, Latia is implementing larger development projects in the field of agribusiness and rural development. Read more…

About Faraja
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