Faraja Trust and its affiliated entities are organized on a holding-type structure. Faraja Trust as the overarching organization is managing the Trust Fund and the two affiliated entities Faraja Foundation and Latia Resource Center implement the various programmes.

Structure & team of Faraja

Faraja Trust is governed through a Board of Trustees consisting of the following persons:

Fabian Waldmeier (Chairman)

Peter Muthee (Vice-Chairman)

Urs Boehlen

Christoph Meienberg

Peter Meienberg

On the operational level, the management of Faraja Trust is outsourced to Kimutai Bett & Company CPA under the leadership of their partner David Bett. The properties of Faraja are administered by Patrick Kemei and his team.


Faraja Foundation, which implements the social and humanitarian programmes of Faraja, is structured as an independent non-profit sharing company limited by guarantee. It is governed through its Board of Directors consisting of:

Fabian Waldmeier (Chairman) / David Bett (alternate) as representatives of Faraja Trust

Marcellina Obudo, Vice Chairlady

Fr. Peter Meienberg

The management of the Foundation is entrusted to the long-serving CEO Jane Kuria and her team.


Also established as a company limited by guarantee is the Latia Resource Center.  Its Board of Directors consists also of three persons, namely:

Urs Boehlen (Chairman)

Peter Muthee

Fabian Waldmeier

Operationally, Peter Muthee leads the management team of Latia as a Managing Director.


You can download the organization chart of Faraja through the link below.

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